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The Bird Table Book 1965 David & Charles

The Wreck of the Torrey Canyon (with Crispin Gill and Frank Booker) 1967 David & Charles

Penguins (with John Sparks) 1967 David & Charles

Owls (with John Sparks) 1970 David & Charles

Wildlife begins at home 1976 David & Charles

Everyday Birds 1977 David & Charles

Beside the Sea (with Hilary Soper) 1979 BBC Publications

British Birds (Ed) 1981 Webb & Bower

Birdwatch 1982 Webb & Bower

Discovering Birds 1983 BBC

The National Trust Guide to the Coast 1984 Webb & Bower

Oceans of Birds 1989 David & Charles

The Shell Book of the Shore 1991 David & Charles